Stisykling i Nesbyen

Nesbyen is one of Norway’s best mountain bike (MTB) destinations.

Especially the steep and challenging trails in Nesbyen, are famous far outside of Hallingdal. In recent years, more and more trails are built to suit a wider range of skill levels. The most recent trail, Den Ravinde, are by many ranked one of the best trails in Norway – and doable for all skill levels. A good overview of MTB trails in Nesbyen are found at Trailguide.net or in the interactive map further down this site. Remember to choose trails according to conditions and your skill level – all cycling is at your own risk. Most of the steep trails takes place on the east side between Trytetjern and Nesbyen center, but it is also cycled in the other valley side and in the mountains. Further down the page we suggest four beginner-friendly bike rides.


A day of organized shuttling is by far the best way to enjoy MTB biking in Nesbyen. Most trails in Nesbyen offer 4 – 700 meters of downhill. Trailhead Nesbyen offers shuttling – where both you and your bike are driven to the top. When you reach the bottom, the car is waiting. You get a well deserved break in between the rides, while transported to the top again. How many trips do you manage in one day? Basic price 400, – per person (6 hours – minimum 5 persons).

Guided MTB trips

The guys in Trailhead Nesbyen know the local trails in and out. They will gladly take you on a day tour and show you everything from the most popular – to the least traveled trails. And the best combinations. Both in the valley, in the mountains or in other areas whatever you prefer! Shuttling is included! Basic price guiding is NOK 950 per person (discount for larger groups).

MTB bike rental

Intersport Nesbyen offers rental of helmets, protection and solid enduro bikes, ideally suited to the trails in Nesbyen and Hallingdal.

The Norwegian Mountain Bike Code

Having great trails to ride is not a right, but a privilege. Think about how you can take care of the trails you travel along, so that the same trails can benefit everyone, year after year. Also, remember that you share the trails with non-cyclists.

NOTS (Norwegian Organization for Mountain Biking) has made The Norwegian Mountain Bike Code.

  • Den Ravinde. Photo Lars Storheim

  • Den Ravinde. Photo Lars Storheim

MTB map for Nesbyen

The map above shows selected MTB trails in Nesbyen. For more trails in and outside Nesbyen, go to Trailguide.net.

Beginners trails

The rides suggested here can be done with a regular mountain bike (non-full suspension), and they can be ridden by children. Read the ride descriptions for details.

TryteTrøkket by Lake Trytetjern is an easy 1.5 km bicycle loop, suitable for all cyclists – with all types of bicycles.

Nesfjellet rundt is a 13 km round trip, starting from Nesfjellet Golf. Follows dirt roads and easy bike trails.

Starting from Lake Trytetjern east of Nesbyen, this ride takes you around the hill Rudsåsen (Norwegian text only). About 1 km on trail, the rest on gravel road.

Follow dirt roads around the large Lake Strøen in Nes Østmark. Please note that the bike must be pushed/carried 1 km through the forest.

What makes Nesbyen so good for riding bikes?

There are several things that make Nesbyen such a great MTB destination. The warm and dry climate in the summer (Nesbyen is officially Norway´s warmest place) makes the trails mostly dry and nice. In spring time, the trails in the “East side” are often bare just after Easter, while you can still go cross-country skiing in the mountains 15 minutes away by car.

Terrain is another factor that is on our side. Within the municipality of Nesbyen, you can choose between steep trails in the East side or from the mountain Beia, or you can aim for one of the more moderate trails that you find both in the east side, above the Hallingdal Museum and in Nes Sørmark. On the high mountain you have a huge network of singletrack trails with opportunities to climb gentle peaks along the way.

Several cycling competitions are held regularly in Nesbyen, including The Norwegian Cup (80/20) and DH Norwegian Championship.

Trail Camp Nesbyen

Every year in late April / early May, hundreds of bikers gather in Nesbyen to kick off the MTB season. All-day shuttling, concerts and competitions. Watch the movie from Trail Camp Nesbyen 2019:

Advanced MTB trails

  • In the east side above Nesbyen, you will find a dozen MTB trails starting from the view point “Utsikten” (link to Google Maps). Most trails are technically challenging and graded red. For a smooth start, we recommend the machine built trail Den Ravinde. Full suspension bikes are highly recommended – and solid protection is a must! Read more about the trails in the interactive bicycle map above. You can bike from Nesbyen to “Utsikten” yourself, or you can spoil yourself with a day of shuttling.
  • There are several great single track trails in the mountains above Nesbyen. The “The Classic” is, well a classic, in Nes Sørmark, “Dyna” in Northern Nesbyen and “Vardefjell” in Eastern Nesbyen are popular trails. All trails are technically demanding and most will prefer a full suspesion bike. Read about the individual trail in the interactive bicycle map above.
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