Countless good fishing lakes waiting for you.

There’s an abundance of freshwater fishing spots in Nesbyen with clear water, and lots of happy fish.The high season for freshwater fishing starts in May and lasts until the end of the summer. It is possible to buy a fishing licenses for most lakes in Nesbyen.

Fishing map Nesbyen

The fishing map for Nesbyen is designed by the Nesbyen Tourist Office. The map is intended as a rough guide on where the different zone boundaries go and where you get a fishing license. Errors may occur, always double check against you fishing license. If you find any errors in the map, we appreciate you contacting us.

By clicking on the image below you can download and print the map yourself (A3 format). You can also get the map in paper at Nesbyen Tourist Office.

Where to buy the license?

You need a fishing licence (“fiskekort” in Norwegian) to go freshwater fishing in lakes, rivers, and streams in Norway. Fishing licences are valid in specific areas and for specific time periods only, so be sure that you know where you’re going before you buy a licence.

AreaName of areaSeasonWhere to buy license?
1Nes Nordmark 1.5-20.9- Nesbyenbooking.no
- Myking kolonial
- Nystølkroken Kafè
2Nes Sørmark 1.6-20.9- inatur.no
- SMS (se infotavler i Nes Sørmark)
- Nystølkroken Kafè
- Langedrag Naturpark
3Børtnes /
25.5-20.9- Nor-senteret Bromma
- Selvbetjeningskasse ved
veien mot Imlan
4Nes Østås inkl. Trytetjern15.5-20.9- Appen Angler ID
- Vipps
5Nes Østmark15.5-20.9 - SMS (se infotavler i
Nes Østmark)
6Thoenmarka / Vassfarsameiet1.6-20.9 - SMS (se info ved vegbom-er og i
terrenget i Thoenmarka)
7Liemarka sameie1.6-20.9- inatur.no
- Selvbetjeningskasse ved
9Hallingdalselva Nes bru - Bergheim / Nes bru - GolHele året / 15.5-20.9- inatur.no
10Sevrefossen15.5-20.9- Nor-senteret Bromma
11Reinsjøen18.6-31.8- inatur.no
12Vestre Garnås 1.6-20.9- Kontakt Svein Garnås
(tlf. 970 08 648)

Fishing regulations

Fishing period: Varies from zone to zone. See the fishing map.
1. Everyone who wants to fish must have a valid fishing license for the area they are fishing in.
2. Children under 16 can fish for free in the zones.
3. Rod fishing, with only 1 rod per person, is allowed.
4. Live bait is illegal (except worm and maggot). Use of earlobes is strictly prohibited.
5. Show consideration for other fishermen and nature. Do not light a bonfire in the forest, clean up after you along the water and remember dog leashes.

Fish types

Trout, Rye (Salvelinus alpinus), Perch (Perca fluvian tillis), Sick and Eucalyptus.

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