The waterfalls at Hallingdal Museum are an exciting destination

Føssan, as the locals call them, is a great sight – especially when the snowmelt in the high mountains is at its strongest in April, May. The water “boils” underneath the small waterfalls near Hallingdal Museum. The rest of the summer, when the water flow decreases, Rukkedøla is a favorite place for a cooling bath (read about the best bathing places in Nesbyen here). Especially the area around Føssan offers a number of fun pools and natural slides in the mountains.

The surroundings around Føssan and Rukkedøla also fascinated the artists who visited Nesbyen in the 19th century, and are immortalized in several works of art from this period. The art trail “The Art Trail“starts at Hallingdal Museum and goes up along Rukkedøla. The trail is part of Art landscape Nesbyen.

Waterfall with timber floaters(1858) by Hans Gude. Timber floats at work by the river Rukkedøla which flows through Nesbyen. The painting is based on a study that Hans Gude made in Nesbyen 8 years earlier.

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