Garndos Meteorite Park

Explore one of the world’s most accessible meteorite craters. Guided tours throughout the summer.


26.06-15.08: Open 10-18 every day (except Tuesdays)

During the summer months (June, July, August) you can join a guided tour of the crater. This is highly recommended and provides a much more better experience than visiting the crater without a guide.

The Gardnos Crater is one of the world’s most accessible meteorite craters, especially because the crater itself and the traces of the impact are easy to find along the nature trail. The car road goes all the way to the center of the crater where the guides are ready to give you the whole story. Hearing the background of the great crater and exploring nature, using the nature trail, is exciting for both adults and children.

A tour of Gardno’s meteorite crater will give you a better understanding of what forces the area was exposed to. In the service house there is an exhibition showing what happened. Visitors will get a full introduction to the history of the crater, as well as interesting facts about space, geology and nature in the surrounding area.

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