Guided Walk Through Old Nes

Learn the history of the oldest part of Nesbyen. Exciting 1 hour tour with local guide.

Our skilled guide takes you on a walk through the oldest part of Nes. Learn exciting stories about the people, and the development and expansions. Get vivid depictions of how life went down in the centuries before us. The guided tour takes about 1 hour.

In the 19th century, the official’s residence lived in Hallingdal in Nesbyen. For the visitors, “Næsbyen” appeared with a city-like feel. These included, among others, a magistrate, bailiff, sheriff, clergyman, attorney and doctor, as well as several merchants who ran land-based and varied industries.

In these “wild” areas of the inland Norway, “Næsbyen” was a place where urban habits, style and fashions gained a foothold. Here the artists too could find a sophisticated and urban residence on their study trips around Norway.

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