Rent a mountain bike in Nesbyen

Rental of full suspension trail bike – perfect for trail cycling in Hallingdal.

Nesbyen Ski og Sykkel – “Ski and bicycle” offers rental of full suspension trail bikes. These are perfectly suitable for the trails in Nesbyen, both in the high mountains and the trails around the Nesbyen center. These are robust quality bikes that provide a completely different experience than a “regular” mountain bike when you want to explore the fantastic trail cycling opportunities in Nesbyen and Hallingdal in general.

Bicycles can be rented every day of the week. Normally pick-up takes place at 10:00 and delivery at. 15.00 at the shop of Nesbyen Ski and Sykkel (Stasjonsvegen 2), but we are flexible on time and place (get in touch when you have ordered, and we will find another solution). Right now we do not have electric bikes for rent, but working towards getting this in place.

Prices (2020): 700, – pr. day per bicycle


Trails for beginners:
Warm-up in TryteTrøkket, then do Den Ravinde, then Den Tærige, and Espesetstien.
Trails for high mountain biking:
Hallingdal has fantastic trails for MTB in the high mountains.  Rauddalsfjellet is technically feasible for most people and a nice round trip. Vardefjellrunden is a little more demanding, but offers spectacular views from the ridge. The round trip The Classic in Nes Sørmark is a beautiful bike ride that takes a few hours. Here you get to hone your skills on small technical trails in high mountain terrain. You will be rewarded with great views and fun descents!
Trails for the experienced:
Nesbyen has almost legendary status in the MTB community, and on the east side above Nesbyen offers top-class floating trails. You will not get away from a couple of rounds in Den Ravinde, but  Snøggen,  Den Jartuge,  and Påskestien are highly recommended too. If you do not mind working a little for the descent, another summit trip is recommended to Klevarudnatten or Beia! Do not forget to check out the beautiful cycling on the high mountains, see the section above!

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