Swimming in Nesbyen

Nice places to cool off when it’s hot in Nesbyen.

The water temperature in lake Trytetjern right now (active in summer months)

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Lake Trytetjern

Beach, sand volleyball court, toilets and water trampoline. Walk the beautiful trail around the water or close by bike trails – before you dive into Trytetjern, the number 1 swimming spot in Nesbyen.

The river park

In the middle of Old Nes, just outside the Tourist Office (where you can buy ice cream), you find a nice little park, and a shallow place for a cooling swim in the river, perfect for the children.

Føssan / Rukkedøla

The wild river Rukkedøla follows the valley Rukkedalen towards Nesbyen, on its way to big brother river Hallingdalselva. Along the way you will find several pools, boulders and natural water slides. We recommend exploring “Føssan” (The Waterfalls) above the entrance of Hallingdal Museum.

Mountain lakes

In the mountains you can find your own little mountain lake. Preferably before, during or after a hike.

The Hallingdal River

Always be careful when swimming in the river, and be aware of currents. By Motel Nor-Kro at Bromma there is a small beach by the river. Here the river is quite wide and the water is pretty calm. Sutøya Feriepark and Liodden Camping are other good places for a dip in Hallingdalselva. SUP (Stand Up Paddling), is also popular, and can be rented from Trailhead Nesbyen.

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