A summer gem in Hallingdal

Sand beach, volleyball court and universally designed jetty. Walk the beautiful footpath around the water or try the bike path “Trytetrøkket” – before you head out into Trytetjern, the locals favorite bathing water.

In recent years, the area around the idyllic forest water area has been renovated for many millions and was named Trytetjern Friluftsport. Trytetjern is located approx. 10 minutes drive from Nesbyen city center. Here are some of what you find at Trytetjern:

Bade-temperaturen i Trytetjern akkurat nå

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Swimming area and sand volleyball court

The bathtub temperatures in Trytetjern are renowned through the Travel Radio on P1 – usually at the hottest end of the scale. At the north end of the water you will find sand volleyball court, changing rooms, sandy beach, jetty and a popular water trampoline. The toilets in the clubhouse of the shooting club can be used close by. Live bathing temperature and more information can be found under the pool side swimming in Nesbyen.


The 1.6 km long bike ride in the woods on the east side of Trytetjern opened late summer 2017. It is designed to fit cyclists of all ages and with all kinds of different bikes. This is a great alternative for those who think the steep “downhill” is too scary, or for those who want an entertaining and fun round. Very popular with the youngest. The trail is always open and accessible and of course completely free.

Walking and cycling path around the water

There is a universally designed and idyllic walking path around Trytetjern that is just as good for you with sneakers as you with a stroller or wheelchair. The hiking trail goes past the forest shelter, the bathing area and the start of the “Trytetrøkket” cycle path.

Forest Shelter

At the south end of the water you will find a great forest shelter. Can you take a breather on the ground on the way around the water, or maybe you cook dinner in the fire pit?

Foot and bike paths from Utsikten

A few hundred meters west of Trytetjern you will find a great viewpoint. Here, a dozen more or less steep bike trails start down towards Nesbyen. Read more about these on the page about cycling in Nesbyen. The view is also the starting point for several fine footpaths, e.g. the trip up to Klevarudnatten

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