• 35,6°C

  • 35,6°C

Warmest in Norway for 50 years

The record of 35.6 ° C has been unbeatable since 1970.

On 20 June 2020, Nesbyen could celebrate 50 years as Norway’s warmest place. The record of 35.6 ° C has been unbeatable since Weather Observer Borghild Syversen measured the temperature on Norway’s hottest day ever in 1970. The historic weather measuring station is today at Hallingdal Museum.

It was Saturday – and the inhabitants of Nesbyen spent the day off in rivers, lakes and cellars to cool off in the intense heat. It was said that you could fry eggs on the asphalt, and it was not possible to step barefoot on the road without incurring burn injuries. While national television and all the major newspapers reported on the record heat, the coverage in the local newspapers was more measured. Hallingdølen dryly declared that “The heat record on Nes is not just tourist advertisement”, in case anyone should think that it was all a PR stunt to attract more visitors.

The heat record gave a lot of press coverage and for many years Nesbyen got a permanent “summer place” on the map in NRK’s ​​weather forecast. The travel radio “always” included how hot it was in the local lake Trytetjern. Nesbyen still has a permanent place in the weather statistics on the warmer side. In a recent measurement of the number of “nice summer days” in the last 20 years, Nesbyen ends up at the very top of Norway’s list. In other words, Nesbyen is one of the places in the country with the most summer.

The record measuring station has long since been moved from its original location on a field on the east side of the Hallingdal river. When Dag Smestad took over the property in 1980, an old iron pole remained as a memory of the weather station. Then Dag thought that this must be an ideal place for the drying rack. And that’s how it turned out. The drying rack was mounted exactly where the heat record was measured, with stones in a sun pattern around it. It is guaranteed to be Norway’s fastest clothes drying rack.  No need to fasten the clothes with pinches. Just hang up and take it down again right away.

This is the weather forecast today:

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