In the autumn of 2021, one of Northern Europe’s longest bike trails will open in Nesbyen. A 15 km long hiking and biking trail from Nesfjellet to Nesbyen town center.

The spectacular family trail has been named HallingSpranget and the difficulty rating is medium (blue), doable for most bikers after a little practice of basic skills.

About the trail

The trail starts at Nesfjellet (around the top station of Nesfjellet Alpine Resort) and winds its way past spectacular viewpoints above Nesbyen and Hallingdal. The trail goes through both open high mountain terrain and old-growth forest, rich in species in both flora and fauna.

The upper part of the trail is about 4 km and is situated at around 1000 meters above sea level. This section has a spectacular view in all directions. The next couple of km mixes between barren mountains and forest. Here you can take a rest at beautiful viewpoints. The trail eventually crosses today’s marked hiking trail up to the mountain Beia and follow the mountain ridge all the way down to Nesbyen.

This trail will become a new national attraction for Nesbyen and Hallingdal when it opens in the autumn of 2021.

A shuttle bus with a bicycle trolley, will run every weekend of the season, and daily in the summer and during the autumn holidays at fixed times, from Nesbyen center and to Nesfjellet and Nystølen.

HallingSpranget will collaborate with Bjørneparken and Langedrag for families who want to stay in Hallingdal for several days. If you or your company wants “co-ownership” in HallingSpranget, go to www.hallingspranget.no.

For more information, check out www.hallingspranget.no.

E-mail: post@sykkelopplevelse.no. 

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