Welcome to the Old Town in Hallingdal

​​​​​​The area today known as Gamle Nes is a relatively large area, which mainly comprises the western part of Nesbyen Sentrum. The area today appears as beautiful with old buildings and farms with fields. 

In the 19th century, the official’s residence lived in Hallingdal in Nesbyen. For the visitors, “Næsbyen” appeared with a city-like feel. These included, among others, a magistrate, bailiff, sheriff, clergyman, attorney and doctor, as well as several merchants who ran land-based and varied industries.

In these “wild” areas of the inland Norway, “Næsbyen” was a place where urban habits, style and fashions gained a foothold. Here the artists too could find a sophisticated and urban residence on their study trips around Norway. They made sure to build Hallingdal’s first sidewalk, or “trottoir” as they called it at that time.

Geographically the area extends from the Hallingdal Museum, along Rukkedalen, to Hallingdalselva and the Alfarvegen in the center of Nesbyen. Old Nes also consists of single old buildings outside this area, for example; The church, Hagaled, the station building and Mortensløkka prison.

During the summer months there are regular guidings in Old Nes. Guided tours can be organized for groups outside set dates. Contact info@nesbyen.no, or click here to buy tickets for our guided tours through Old Nes.

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