Nesbyen – A cross-country skiers paradise

Enjoy more than 450 km of groomed ski tracks in the beautiful and gentle high mountains surrounding Nesbyen.

The cross country tracks are maintained throughout the winter, but wind and weather always have the last word. You will find wide range of tracks, both gentle and flat beginner’s routes, and long and more challenging trips to mountains with breathtaking views on a clear day. At Skisporet.no (or in the app with the same name), you find a detailed map of all the cross country trails in Nesbyen. Here, you will also see which cross country trails are groomed at any given time (also see embedded map below). Free paper ski maps are found in a number of places in Nesbyen, including the Tourist Office.

Below you will find recommended ski trips.

Recommended XC routes in Nesbyen

0-10 KM


Starting Point: The café at Nesfjellet Golf
Distance: Approx. 3 km
Time Approx.  1 hour (with children)

A children’s and beginner’s favorite

Starting by the café of Nesfjellet Golf, you’ll find a loop track of approximately 3 km. The track is almost flat and a popular option for children and those learning how to ski. A bonus is the opportunity to end the trip with a cup of hot chocolate (if the café is not open, head over to the ski resort café close by).

Natten – Golfkafèen

Starting point: Nesfjellet Alpinsenter
Distance: Approx. 6 km
Time: Approx. 2 hours (with children)

One of Nesbyen’s most child-friendly ski trip starts at Nesfjellet Alpin Resort.

Take the ski lift to the top and start off in the direction of the mountain Trommenatten. 1.5 km after lake Ålsvatnet, turn right in the “Gurili-junction” and follow the signs towards to the golf café. This is an easy route (not much uphill), but it has some long downhill sections that required you to master the breaking technique.

10-20 KM

Imle round trip

Starting point: Myte
Distance: Approx. 10 km
Time: Approx. 2 hours

Explore beautiful Buvassli and Imlan.

Park by Myte. Follow the tracks towards Buvassli and over to Imlan. From Imlan, continue towards Fekjan (about 1.5 km) to Vadli. This is a great spot for lunch. To make it a round trip, continue a few kilometers towards Fekjan. If you turn right at the first intersection and right also at the next intersection, this will make for a shorter trip back to Myte.

Blåfjell round trip

Starting point: Dypilen
Distance: Approx. 10 km
Time: Approx.1-3 hours

Child-friendly route in open high mountain terrain

Park at Dypilen. From here, it is approx. 1 km to the start of the route indicated on the map.

This route is located in a charming and quiet area of Eastern Nesbyen, unknown even to some locals.

From Nesbyen, take the R7 towards Oslo, turn left over the bridge by Liodden (after 6 km). After 1 km, passing the railway over the second bridge, take left. Up and into Liemarka (toll road) above Storeli. Drive to the Dypilen and park.

Den gule runden (the yellow loop)

Starting point: Nystølkroken Kafè
Distance: 11 km
Time: Approx. 2 hours

Awarded Norway’s best ski track

A favorite in Nes Sørmark. The terrain is gentle, but at the same time varied. Follow the yellow marks from the large parking lot at Nystølkroken Kafé. You quickly enter the high mountain platou and see the mountain Åkrefjell (1208m) in front of you. You pass the mountain Trommenatten before speeding downhill back to Nystølen. You can make this trip longer by visiting the mountain Hallingnatten (1314 m), Nesbyen’s highest point (approx. 25 km out and back).

Åkrefjell round trip

Starting Point:  Øvre Båtstjern
Distance: Approx. 12 km
Time Approx.  2 hours

Beautiful trip around Åkrefjell

A beautiful route around the distinctive peak Åkrefjell in Trondrudmarka. Nystølkroken Café, follow the yellow marks (the yellow loop). You quickly enter the barren high mountain platou and see Åkrefjell (1208 masl) in front of you. By the lake Øvre Båtstjern, take the track that leads southwest. Follow the track past Øyvatn, and up a hill south of Åkrefjell. Take left in the next junction to re-enter the yellow loop, which you follow back to Nystølkroken.


Starting point: Parking lot by Lake Langevatn
Distance: Approx. 12 km (roundtrip)
Time: Approx. 2-3 hours

Gentle ski trip to the highest peak in Eastern Nes.

From top of the mountain Vardefjell (1182 masl) you will be rewarded with 360 degree views of Gol, Hemsedal, Jotunheimen, Valdres, Vassfaret, Norefjell, Reineskarvet and Hallingskarvet. Vardefjell is reached via groomed ski tracks, so this view is easily accessible through the winter. From lake Langevatn, follow blue marked tracks to Buvasstølan (approx. 2 km), and on to the northeast of Storelifjell. Follow the red marked tracks from here. The last 400 meters up to the summit are quite steep. Apart from the last section up to the top, this trip is gentle.

The starting point for this trip is the road Vassfarvegen which runs between Nesbyen and Hedalen. From Nesbyen, follow signs towards Vassfaret about 20 km eastwards (toll road, 70 NOK credit card). We recommend starting from the parking lot at the east end of lake Langevatn, but you can also start from Buvasstølan.

Såtenatten round trip

Starting point: Grønhovd
Distance: Approx. 12,5 km
Time: Approx. 2-4 hours

This trip starts at the parking lot at Grønhovd. Follow the ski track south past Såtestølan. Continue west through gentle and open mountain terrain. You soon see the mountain Såtenatten right in front of you. The top is easily climbed from the west side. The peak is right on the border between Nesbyen, Nore and Uvdal and Ål municipality, and the view is great. The ski tracks goes back toward Lake Olfisken. Follow the ski track on the north side of the lake, back to the parking lot at Grønhovd.


Starting point: Myking or Skålsrudstølen
Distance: Approx. 17 km from Myking, 11 from Skålsrudstølen
Time: Approx. 2 – 5 hours

One of the best views in Nesbyen.

Dyna is one of the great classics in Nes Nordmark. The mountain can be reached from many different starting points (also from Ål), and it is possible to combine a number of different routes. From Dyna you have a great view towards the mountains Hallingskarvet, Hardangerjøkulen, Skogshorn, Hallingnatten, Reinskarvet and parts of Hardangervidda. We suggest starting off from Myking, passing the open shelter “Håkonbue” at Holmevatn. Another good starting point is Skålsrudstølen (making a little shorter ski trip).

20-30 KM

Skålsrudstølen – Saupeset

Starting point: Saupeset or Skålsrudstølen
Distance: 22 km (shorter options available)
Time: Approx. 3 – 6 hours

From “støl” to “støl” in the North of Nesbyen

Both Saupeset and Skålsrudstølen are beautiful examples of the traditional Norwegian agricultural landscape. “Støl” is the name of the traditional “mountain farm” where farmers stayed all summer with their cattle up until the mid 1900s. The ski route between Saupeset and Skålsrudstølen goes through hilly forest terrain.


Starting point: Nystølkroken Kafè
Distance: Approx. 25 km
Time: Approx. 3-6 hours

Popular route to the highest peak in Nesbyen.

This is one of the great “Easter holiday classics” for cross-country skiers in Nesbyen. This route can be a great experience earlier in the winter too, but the peak is exposed to winds. The view from the top is wonderful.

We suggest Nystølkroken Kafè as a starting point. Follow “Den gule runden” (the yellow loop) to lake Øyvatn, before heading towards Hallingnatten. The last 2-3km up the ridge has a though climb, but you get rewarded for the effort at the top. On clear days you can see, among other things, the mountains Hallingskarvet and Gaustatoppen.

Long trips

The Hallingdal route south  – from Ustaoset to Norefjell

Starting Point: Ustaoset
Distance: Approx. 138 km
Time Approx. 2-5 days

A magnificent ski trail in high mountain terrain along Hallingdal, from Ustaoset in the west to Norefjell in the east. The Hallingdal Southern Trail, formerly known as Eventyrløypa (Adventure trail), offers challenging and exciting stages between well-known tourist areas in southern Hallingdal. Along the way, you will be rewarded with a fantastic panoramic view. Set aside several days and walk the entire route in one stretch, or choose one or more shorter stages.

If you want trips over several days with accommodation indoors, there are several options along the way. Most accommodations require small detours from the main trail, but the large trail network makes this unproblematic. See more details about accommodation further down the page. If you go with a tent, you are of course free to set up the stages according to your own wishes.

The route
The route starts at Ustaoset and goes via Grønebakken to Kikut. From there on the south side of the valley to Sangefjell, Veståsen and Nes. Then pass Haglebu and Tempelseter (alternatively via Høgevarde) in Eggedal before the trail ends at Norefjell. If you want a shorter trip, alternative starting points are Kikut in Geilo, Sangefjell or Veståsen in Ål, Myking- or Nystølkroken in Nesbyen.

Use the app / website www.skisporet.no for fine navigation. In addition, the local hiking maps Geilo 1:50 000 (Nordeca), and Nesbyen 1:50 000 (Nordeca) and Norefjell-Eggedal 1:50 000 (Nordeca) are recommended. All maps can be purchased at www.kartbutikken.no or at most Tourist Offices in Hallingdal.


The Hallingdal Southern Trail

blir preparert og skal være oppkjørt i helger, ferieuker og høytider fra og med fredag i uke 7 til i midten av april. Preparering med løypemaskin eller snøscooter. Snømengde, vær og vind vil alltid være bestemmende for prepareringen. På www.skisporet.no kan du til enhver tid se status for løypekjøring. Ettersom løypene hovedsakelig går på høyfjellet, hvor vinden råder, er det umulig å holde løypene oppkjørt som planlagt til enhver tid.

The Hallingdal Southern Trail gets prepped and will be re prepped in weekends, holiday weeks and holidays from and including Friday in week 7 until mid-April. Preparation is done with trail machine or snowmobile. The amount of snow, weather and wind will always determine the preparation. At www.skisporet.no you can at any time see the status of the trails. As the trails are mainly on the high mountains, where the wind prevails, it is impossible to keep the trails as planned at all times.

Hallingdalsløypa Sør is marked with identification signs all the way. The local trail signs are used as distance signs.

Distances (approximate)
Ustaoset – Hakkestølen – 14 km
Hakkestølen – Sangefjell – 18 km
Sangefjell – Myking – 30 km
Myking – Langedrag – 15 km
Langedrag – Haglebu – 30 km
Haglebu – Høgevarde – 25 km
Høgevarde – Norefjell – 11 km
Total – 138 km

Accommodation options along the way (sorted west to east)

Ustaoset/Geilo, a number of hotels, apartments, see www.geilo.no
Hakkesetstølen, accommodation, breakfast, dinner (tlf. +47 32 09 09 20, post@hakkeset.no, www.hakkeset.no)
Sangefjell, several private accommodation options. Possibility to rent a single room in a large cabin with 16 beds Sangefjell Silkeføre (www.airbnb.com)
Ål sentrum* (requires transport to / from Hallingdalsløypa)
Myking/Nesbyen, private cabins with the possibility of accommodation (contact Nesbyen Tourist Office, info@nesbyen.no, tel: +47 32 07 01 70, www.visitnesbyen.no)
Langedrag Naturpark, accommodation, breakfast, dinner(tlf: +47 32 74 25 50post@langedrag.no, www.langedrag.no)
Haglebu Fjellstue, accommodation, breakfast, dinner (tlf: +47 32 71 33 50, post@haglebu.no, www.haglebu.no)
Haglebu Feriesenter, accommodation (tlf: +47 32 71 33 23, post@haglebuferiesenter.no, www.haglebuferiesenter.no)
Tempelsetra, accommodation, food service (ak.magraff@gmail.com, www.tempelsetra.no)
Høgevarde-hytta DNT, accommodation, food storage, requires DNT key: (tlf: +47 32 25 51 40, kontoret@dntdrammen.no, www.ut.no/hytte/3.2577)
Norefjell, a number of accommodations: www.norefjell.com

For more information contact Nesbyen Tourist Office at info@nesbyen.no

* for accommodation on the stage between Hakkestølen and Myking, Hallingdal Feriepark or Thon Hotel Hallingdal in the center of Ål are two alternatives, even though these offer a detour from the trail. You can order a taxi from Tullestølen at the west end of Rødungen (approx. NOK 600, – midweek), about halfway on this stage. If necessary, follow the local trail network all the way down to Hallingdal Holiday Park in Ål (the trail to the Hallingspretten ski run). Take a taxi back from Ål the next day, either to the same place or to Høgehaug by Bosset (approx. NOK 450, – midweek). Follow the local trail network back to Hallingdalsløypa south of here. Hakkestølen – Tullestølen – 20 km. Høgehaug – Myking – 15 km.

Eventyrløypa from Hemsedal to Flå

Starting Point:  Hemsedal or Flå
Distance: Approx.  115 km
Time Approx. 2-4 days

The trip is signposted according to national standards all the way and takes you between Hemsedal – Golsfjellet – Nesbyen – Flå.

The trip mostly follows groomed ski tracks all the way, but you still have to be prepared to make your own tracks depending on wind and snow conditions. The route can be has several optional starting points, but we recommend going from Hemsedal to Flå (Solheimsetran).

From Solheimsetran (Flå) we recommend taxi (tlf. 950 08 988) to Gulsvik by Rv7 (ca. 7 km).
From Gulsvik you can take the bus VY170, Oslo – Førde (via Hemsedal).
The nearest train station is in Flå (Approx. 18 km from Solheimsetran).

Accommodation options:
Hemsedal: A number of accommodation and restaurants in Hemsedal center and Ulsåk, alternatively at Ulsåkstølen and Gravsetstugu (see www.hemsedal.com for more information).

Golsfjellet: Kamben Høyfjellshotell (32 07 39 00, kamben@kamben.no) in Gol offers both accommodation and dining. The route passes right by the hotel.

Gol / Nesbyen: At Røggjen, northwest of Buvasstølan, DNT (the national hikers association) rent out a cabin (see www.dnt.no for more information).

Nesbyen: At Kråkehaugen in Liemarka in Nesbyen, it is possible to rent cabin (see www.airbnb.com).

Note: The route passes the former DNT cabin Vassfarkoia, but it burned to the ground in 2018.

Weather and conditions:
At Skisporet.no you will find the trail status for the entire trip. Also check the weather forecast before setting out on this route, remember that the route goes high to the mountains, and the weather might change quickly.

Remember map and compass!
The maps you need in DNT and Nordeca’s map series 1:50 000:

  • HEMSEDAL – 10048
  • FAGERNES – 10049
  • NESBYEN – 10041

The maps can be purchased at www.dntbutikken.no or at the local Tourist Offices in Hallingdal.

Alternative maps:

  • Hemsedal’s hiking map 1:30 000 (possibly Hemsedal’s free cross – country skiing map)
  • Nesbyen’s free cross-country map

Ski map

Ski rental

Cross country skis, poles and shoes (sizes 26-49) can be rented at Nystølkroken cafè in Trondrudmarka. Booking is by email or tel. Can be picked up during opening hours or by appointment.

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